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Our comprehensive global solutions optimize contingent workforce management and drive performance through people, process and technology.

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Partner that powers your Workforce insight, Efficiencies and Results

In a fast-paced, evolving market, TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to better manage the sourcing, quality, costs and risks associated with your contingent workforce. We partner with you to deliver measurable business results now and in the future.


End-to-end holistic support 

Our end-to-end holistic managed service solutions (MSP) starts with the need of your hiring managers. Best-in-class support of the full contingent workforce lifecycle.


Extensive Supplier Network

Our extensive Nordic regional as well as global supplier and freelancer network, is the immediate answer to any hiring managers pain. 


Innovative technology

We bring any of the VMS-techonolgies – SAP Fieldglass, Beeline and Workday VNDLY, with us. We optimize your contingent workforce program and deliver measurable results.

Workforce Management  


Company’s seeking for a new level of control and compliance, workforce visibility, supplier chain transparency, cost savings, improved TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and advanced data as well as market analytics contact us every day. They do it because of our global and regional team of experts that is uniquely qualified to manage all external workforce needs – IT consultants, Engineers, white collar, blue collar and SOW management (Statement of Work).



Career Development Solutions-1

Today’s workforce can be hard to manage

Expand your talent ecosystem with trusted freelancers

Unlock additional value from your talent sourcing

Full Contingent Workforce Life Cycle

SOW- Statement of Work  

Get complete visibility and expert insights about your entire contingent workforce. We provide the expertise to support competitive bidding, managing and tracking deliverables and time and materials and optimize — so you can make faster, more informed business decisions backed by data from detailed tracking and reporting.


Gain visibility over your entire SOW spend

Optimize Your SOW Spend

Post-Bid SOW

Do you want to get control
of your consulting purchase?

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VMSaaS is tailored for organizations facing specific challenges


At TAPFIN, we've revolutionized the way companies manage their contingent workforce and Statement of Work (SOW) procurement. With our VMSaaS solution, we bring the power of technology to your fingertips as an integral part of our MSP service.


Our Three-Step Approach

1. Needs Assessment. We evaluate your unique requirements, considering your IT infrastructure and future integration goals.


2. VMS Selection. Based on our assessment, we contract the most suitable VMS, seamlessly integrating it into your MSP service.


3. No Extra Tech Cost. Our service offer and pricing includes implementation and access to any of the mentioned VMS technologies, with no additional costs! Say goodbye to budgeting uncertainties.


Companies Exploring VMS with a ‘Self-Service’ approach

Small and midsize companies

Enterprise Companies in transition

Procurement and HR Departments

MSP Express - (G)local Brokerage Services


Your procurement and HR departments are facing new internal demands for savings, transparency, data analytics, and compliance. MSP Light not only connects you to a vast pool of suppliers and freelancers but also offers innovative pricing structures.
We combine this with our VMSaaS offering, and our wrapped pricing includes either SAP Fieldglass, Beeline, or Workday VNDLY as an integrated part of our service. It couldn’t be simpler.

Whether you are a small business looking for top-tier consultants or a large enterprise seeking to revitalize your talent acquisition strategies, MSP Express is your partner in achieving success.


For Small- and Midsize Companies

Are you a small or midsize company seeking efficient, end-to-end, and compliant consultant procurement support? Are you finding it challenging to connect with and discover the best talents in the market? MSP Light is here to assist you, plug and play solution, easy to implement and adopt.
Powered by TAPFIN, we offer an extensive supplier and freelancer network that spans local, Nordic regional, and global markets. This ensures you have access to the top talent you need, no matter where you operate.


For Large Enterprise Companies

If you are a large enterprise company with first-generation programs that have hit a plateau and currently rely on local brokers. You require more than just an extensive network; you need a cost-effective pricing model that aligns with your volume-based needs. The traditional transactional broker model can be prohibitively expensive.

MSP light

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