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Seamless integration into your existing Talent Acquisition function

Dedicated recruiting teams meet your organisation where you need it –
Onsite, Nearsite or remote. 


Wide range search & Centralized sourcing

We have implemented a well-balanced search & sourcing model. It generates candidate pipelines and builds proprietary talent community that provides instant access to candidate shift availability. 


White labelled Service – All activities performed as client branded

Expand your Employer brand reach via a white labelled candidate’s interface. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


We provide comprehensive talent trend analysis in your market, leveraging data to inform better hiring decisions. Our CORE hubs are led by subject matter experts across the full life cycle of talent recruiting. Multi-language capabilities enable us to source a strong network of diverse candidates. We cultivate and represent your client brand, enhancing your attractiveness to job seekers, and present a pipeline of both active, passive and opportunistic candidates.

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Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Full Cycle Recruiting


Experience tailored, scalable recruitment strategies that support talent acquisition throughout the entire life cycle, blending workforce expertise with cutting-edge technology. From strategy design to onboarding, we customize the experience and offer outsourcing support for a seamless hiring process.


Benefits of Full-Cycle Recruiting

Candidate Sourcing & Screening


Rapidly access critical talent with our data-driven insights and exceptional recruitment methods. We expand your talent pool, accelerate hiring, and enhance workforce diversity through optimized candidate sourcing and screening. Engaging passive, active, and opportunistic talent, we provide an exceptional candidate experience at every stage of the acquisition lifecycle.

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Benefits of Candidate Sourcing and Screening

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Project RPO


Optimize talent needs with flexible support for short-term, seasonal, or niche hiring. Project RPO delivers high-quality talent, cost-efficiency, and rapid scalability with a dedicated resourcing team.

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Benefits of Project RPO

On-Demand Recruiters


Improve your candidate flow and reduce recruitment costs with our experienced recruiters that we can deploy when, how, and for as long as you need them. With flexible options for onsite or offsite support, our on-demand recruiters bring specialized expertise in filling hard-to-fill or niche roles and can scale up or down depending on your hiring needs.


Benefits with on-demand recruiters


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