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Employees are more empowered, reframing their work lives beyond jobs to careers. These personal growth journeys combine sustainable employment, purpose, and impact to achieve individual potential.

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The Right Partner for Your Talent

Our assessment, coaching, leadership, career development, mobility and change and
outplacement programs integrate that philosophy into everything that we do.


Expert Advice 

Our advisory team works with you to understand your needs and then configure our solutions to support your company’s goals.


Integrated Learning 

We are experts in adult learning in the workplace, leveraging instructor and digital learning with best-in-class technology to elevate your talent.


Scaled for Results 

We deliver our solutions at scale - in volume, local in the Nordics and across the globe. We ensure that outcomes are achieved and measured. 

Our capabilites

All of our programs are built around your needs and designed to produce measurable results.



Most successful organisations don’t rely on perceptions and intuitions they use methodical and proven scientific approaches to make the best talent decision.



Behind every champion is a great coach! Build great teams by ensuring leaders act as coaches to drive your organization towards strategy implementation and achievement of objectives.



Strong leadership is the difference between dream realized or falling short. Many organisation expects more of the leadership without providing them with the tools they need to succeed. 


Career development 

Employees believe their organizations don't have compelling career paths and are leaving for lack of career development. Employees need to see their next step I their career and a plan how to get there. It cost 6x times more to hire people externally than build them internally. 


Mobility and change 

We all know that we need to change, to convince the whole organisation aligne in the direction is a whole different challenge. When business goes through major transformations employees experience increase chronic work stress and negative feelings towards other, that leeds to decreased engagement and productivity when we need it most. 



Laying off people in an organisation is never easy, Experts to guide your every steps at the way. Former employees become ambassadors of your brand. Respectful transformation of their formal colleagues built trust and understanding. 

Leadership Solutions


87% of organizations do not have leaders identified to fill critical roles. Right Management’s leadership solutions address this by upskilling core skills that are required at pivotal points in leaders’ careers and accelerating the advancement of top talent in line with succession strategies. We adapt development programs to your leadership model and match our world-class facilitators to your needs.

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Upskill today’s leaders. Accelerate tomorrow’s talent

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Career Development Solutions


Attracting external talent is difficult, time-consuming and costly to organizations. The war for talent continues to escalate, particularly for certain skillsets and diverse talent, while employees are quitting jobs at record rates. Organizations reduce risk, save costs and improve productivity by proactively engaging in career development dialogue and driving career growth through internal mobility. We offer structured programs that help people define career goals and develop skills to have career conversations combined with tactical pathways for internal mobility to help ensure that your talent stays with your organization.

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Build career skills. Enhance engagement. Accelerate value.

Outplacement Solutions


Right Management partners with organizations to support exiting employees compassionately and comprehensively as they transition to their next great career move quickly and with greater confidence. Our Outplacement service ensure you get an expert guidance every step of the way. Your employer brand is at stake. 


Enable personalized career transition

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